Events are time-limited scenarios based on battles from The Horus Heresy where at least two factions are competing to add exclusive content to the game. Participating in an Event requires at least one Ticket. 

If you are part of a Lodge, winning Event games will add Lodge Points to a pool all members can fill up to unlock a better communal reward at the end of the Event. Only Lodge members who contribute points to the Lodge total for a given event will receive the Lodge reward for that event. 

Winning Event games also contributes Faction Points to unlock a mutually exclusive Faction reward at the end of every Event. It’s your chance to influence the course of the whole game! 
You can opt to pay 10 tickets instead of one to multiply your Faction Points, Lodge Points and rewards x10.

Each Event run lets you play until you win 12 games or lose 3. The more wins you get, the better your reward at the end of each run.

Drafting an event deck

In a draft event, you will be able to build your own deck at the start, choosing from multiple predetermined card packs until you complete your deck, without the need to have these cards in your collection.

When drafting an event deck, you will choose:
  • Your Warlord: choose between a selection of Warlords to play as. The selection of Warlords available will change depending on the active Event. The chosen Warlord will determine the faction (Loyalists or Traitors) you give points to with your victories. It will also determine the card pool available to you while building your deck.
  • Your deck: to build your deck, you will choose packs of cards until your deck is complete. For each choice, you will be offered 3 different packs of cards, each containing 3 different cards available to your Warlord. If you do not like the packs you were given, you can reroll them in exchange for gems. Please keep in mind that this is a complete reroll and will not consider the rarity of the packs being rerolled.