There are four different roles within a Lodge: Legionary, Veteran, Captain and Lodge Master. Privileges add up with every level of promotion:
  • Legionaries can chat in their private Lodge and invite other players. All players entering a Lodge start as Legionaries.
  • Veterans are the first level of promotion. They can kick Legionaries once every 20 minutes and invite/accept players in Lodges that are not open.
  • Captains are the second level of promotion. They can kick Legionaries and Veterans, invite/accept players, and are able to change Lodge settings. They can also send one Lodge Announcement once per hour. Lodge Announcements send a push notification to all Lodge members and appear in the game announcements tab.
  • The Lodge Master is usually the player who created a Lodge. They can demote themselves while promoting someone else to the role of Lodge Master. They have the same privileges as Captains, however, the Lodge Master is the only player in the Lodge who can kick and demote everyone, no matter the player's role. Transferring the role of Lodge Masters to another player will demote yourself to Captain.
If a Lodge Master is inactive for more than 14 days, the title of Lodge Master will become available to all other members until one takes it. Any Lodge Member can tap on the Lodge Master’s profile to check if they have been offline for 14 days or more. If that is the case, closing the Lodge Master’s profile will then bring up ‘get Lodge leadership’ message.