You can see your progress and edit your profile from the profile menu.

The profile menu is located in the top left corner of many menus. It shows your username, badge and level. Tap on it to access your profile menu.

In the profile menu you and other player can see:
  • Your username: this is what other players see when they interact with you. Lodge invites should be sent to this username.
  • Your current Lodge, if you’re part of one, and its badge.
  • Rating: your competitive score. This goes up or down as you play competitive games from the Battle screen.
  • Wins: the sum of Battle and Event wins.
  • Experience: total Experience points.
  • Legendary Points: All the excess rating over 2500 accumulated at the end of each Competitive Season.
  • Achievements: The lower icons represent your progress through different achievements. Tap on any to see what you need to do to complete them. Completing tiers of achievements rewards you with free crates.
  • Your banner: Tap the under your banner to edit your badge and Warcry.
  • Your equipped card back: Tap the under your card back to change it.